Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Got a perch/crabbing report yesterday:

Hey Willy,
A quick fishing update from the Doran Park side. 

Hit a few barred and calico surf perch off the jetty campground this last Friday. They were hitting both the dark brown and camo Gulp sand worms. Fished late afternoon Saturday for about 10 min. The surf had things churned up pretty good and all that was coming in were strands of kelp and eel grass. 

Got a couple of keeper Dungeness and reds early in the morning Friday. Pot pirates are on the loose at Doran though. When I stick close my pots I catch crab. When I leave them I pull empty pots and empty bait bags.

That's all I have for now,

Appreciate the report, Vince. A couple more crab off the pier, whenever someone's been willing to brave the wind and rain for them. Gage is telling me that there are plenty of beautiful holes for perch but they are too far out for him to reach. Forecast suggests the storms will likely continue for the forseeable future.