Saturday, January 30, 2016

     The new crab test results have been disappointing. The numbers seem to have plateaued, and in some cases, gotten worse. More tests were taken this week and hopefully the results (which we will see next week) will be better. Otherwise, the only way they're going to open crab season is to do what my wife did (she dropped her standards and settled for less). 
     Speaking of crab season, if we have one next year the rules will be different. Here's the approved language. Basically, cottons are now required on sport pots, your buoys need your GO ID number from your license, and no traps in the water starting a week before Dungeness crab opens up. These all seem like pretty good rules. I'm just wondering what my 14 year old is going to write on his buoys.
     The only fishing to report this week was some successful jacksmelt catching in the bay and Tim's two (2) sand dabs. He thinks that in a few more trips he may be able to have a dinner. There were a couple of attempts to catch herring in the bay but no success that I'm aware of.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

     Good grief. So this is what it's come to. Sand dabs. How the mighty have fallen. Finally a recent fish picture and this is it.

     Actually, I should go back and ask where he caught them. I think I'm jealous.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

    The latest crab results? Don't ask. Not better, and maybe a little worse. Easter crab?...
    Aside from some clamming there's not much to do here but watch the waves move the sand around. That has been pretty active. I used Google Tracks on my phone to lay a trail where I walked along the edge of the water on two days. Here's the trail from January 19:
     Here's the trail from three days later:
     That's a lot of sand moving around. It looks like it may be forming a lagoon on the east side of the sand point. Good news, there's still a channel across the bay, at least for now.
     So, while I've been watching sand move, some of the local ladies took a trip to Costa Rica and caught some fish. Here's some of the photos that were sent to me by people that I genuinely hope weren't trying to hurt my feelings. Because, you kinda did.

Friday, January 15, 2016

   If only we could spend some time on the water, crabbing and fishing. Idle fingers type out the darndest comments. So much so that they broke for a while. I'm guessing that they'll work again when there's more constructive and instructive things to comment on. Let's keep the trolling limited to the water.
    Unfortunately there's not too much to talk about. New, less than optimal test results. Crescent City's numbers went up, not a lot, but still the wrong direction. Looks like I was too optimistic about opening in February.
     There were a few days this week when the seas were down enough to surf fishing but I only saw a couple guys try and they didn't get bit. There ought to be a few herring spawning in the bay now with the fresh water flowing in, and maybe a striper following the herring schools. If you gotta fish, you might think about trying for surfperch along the eelgrass beds near Hog Island or even over the rocks on the south edge of the island.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Even more crab test results

    Like most of my attempts at new fishing techniques, the most recent test results are promising but not good enough to work. All of the most recent tests north of the Channel Islands had less than half the crab fail and averaged less than 30 ppm, except for one test at Eureka. It would appear that the Department of Public Health is looking for 100% clean tests, so we're not there yet but surely going the right direction. President's Day crab, perhaps?
    While I was away at the fishing tackle show not buying crab gear, there were a few surfperch caught off of the beach and even a striper. On a couple of days this week the fish should have been tossed up on the beach (or even the dunes) by the giant breakers. If you are thinking about surf fishing, check the weather before you drive out here because not only will you not catch on a huge day but you may not survive it, either.

Friday, January 1, 2016

    So, remember when I said that the CDFW was going to manage the state as a whole, and the entire state had to be clean before anything reopened? Never mind...
    The newest tests gave the all clear to reopen the red crab sport and commercial and sport Dungeness seasons south of Piedras Blancas Light Station (35º 40' N), and so the CDFW has done so. Now, your chances of catching a Dungeness in the currently open area is about as good as your chances of catching a spiny lobster here, but even so, what the hell? I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that there may be an increase in the CDFW's angry email inbox( Also, please keep the foul language in check in the comments that are already coming in. I mean, I agree with those comments, but still. I guess we do what we've been doing, grumble and wait.
    Boat rockfish is closed now, so it looks like its sand dab time for boat fishing. The water is still close to 57º below Cordell, so there may be bluefin still out there, but you probably still have a better chance at one of those lobsters. There have been a few stripers caught on the beach I hear but nobody sent in a photo. I tried for one for a photo and dinner yesterday but caught nothing but a rock.