Saturday, February 2, 2019

  Gage's hand tells me that the perch are here. Not big ones, but he found quite a few fish in a hole near the rocks. They're liking the Berkley sandworms.
   I received an email about Bob King:"Hey Willy
Here’s to Robert! Talked to him a few years ago and I listened to his story, at first I thought it was just an old man telling a story.  first time I had met him, and then I realized what a fool I had for venturing out without the proper gear. Scared me straight up.
Richard from Sacramento " Yes, when possible let someone else's mistakes help you correct your own. A float coat, a safety line and a waterproof VHF handheld radio with GPS seem like good things to have for a solo fisherman. I almost fell out of a trolling boat while albacore fishing solo years ago. I teetered on the rail and luckily fell into the boat instead of over the side. Just the memory makes me queasy and my palms sweat. At least with a second person you have someone to get you (or at least kill the engine). Plus, halfsies on gas.

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