Friday, December 21, 2018

    Either the fish are getting bigger or Gage's hand is shrinking. Gage assures me that it's the fish that are enlarging. During a lull in the surf yesterday afternoon a few fish were biting in the one hole Gage could find left on the beach. The extensive onslaught of big and bigger surf has erased most of the structure in the shore break but some normal-sized swell should install some new nooks and crannies. Crabbing in the bay has has remained slow for Dungeness with only a few being caught this week. The reds have been pretty good but, lucky for the reds, that's not what most crabbers are after. The ocean has been off limits to Tomales Bay fishermen. Maybe tomorrow? Then back to the big stuff. There's nothing like 10 to 14 foot swells to keep us home for the holidays. That said, merry Christmas (or whatever winter solstice holiday you celebrate) to all. The days are getting longer again and the next rockfish/salmon/tuna season is coming. May you and yours have almost as good a season next year as Gage.


ab fish said...

One day he figure out girls are fun to chase and the googones might have a chance

Unknown said...

"Have a windy swelly Christmas"

(To the tune of holly jolly Christmas)