Saturday, March 24, 2018

     Finally, someone else's hand with a perch. Alex Eaton says "I got these fish when I was fishing with Gage In January at the landing! And here’s a guitarfish Gage and I got in late December"

    In the freshwater category we have these pictures from "Local Legend" Gerard Fitzgerald, who apparently is fishing for crappie while waiting for the salmon and halibut to get going. It looks like he may have figured out how to catch 'em.

    In the junior division we have "Eight year old Teo Lally with a 21 pounder.  Still the biggest of his young 9 year career.  He doesn't mention it came on grandmas ( Marla Parsons )pink rod and reel!"

    Flashing back to 2015, Ed Parsons submits this:"Old picture but worth a thousand words.  Two blue fin in one day.  Still the landing record! " It's a new year, though, Ed. All records are made to be broken.

    And finally, how about this picture :"Hello Willy, This is Captain Mike Harbarth from Bodega Bay (also known as "Masons Dad") I'm an old washed up Party boat owner gone recreational. We own the "Miss Maddi" out of Spud Point. Attached is a pic of a WSB We caught at the lower bathrooms along 10 mile while trying for a halibut last Aug. We were rigged with normal halibut gear and 25 lb. test. It was an over hour battle with 3 trips around the boat. The Fish ended up being 70 lbs! By far the largest fish I have ever reeled in!! 
The reason I'm sending you this pic is the fact that we were losing hope that the WSB had left us since the big bite we all had at Elephant Rock the previous year.  This fish was a big surprise for us and it gave us hope that these fish had to adapt to the changing environment. Since there really wasn't a big squid spawn in 2017, These fish were in the area and had to adapt. 
My theory for these monsters is that they are an eating machine. They have to eat so much per day that they had to find a new food source and must have discovered the plentiful needle fish and bait fish that get caught in the surf line currents along 10 Mile Beach. Something to give us a fishery to look forward to for 2018. Let keep our fingers crossed and don't be afraid to try along the beaches for these magnificent and very tasty fish. " That is a beauty sir, and I'm keeping all of my fingers and a few other things crossed.


Harvest Time said...

If those pics don’t give you valley fever I don’t know what will

rokefin said...

Very soon Harvest Time! Reel soon!!!!!

One More said...

Bluefins and Sea Bass the dream fish.