Friday, August 21, 2015

    This 26.5 pound salmon was one of five caught mooching between Bird and Elephant Rock in 60 to 80 feet of water. It's only about 22 pounds heavier than the one we put in the boat yesterday at McClure's.

    This 43.5 pound sea bass was caught off of the Trees by Steve Anderson of Lodi. He was mooching for salmon.

    Kelley Roy of Folsom landed this 45 pound white sea bass off of Elephant Rock/Keyholes on a metal jig. The squid got pushed to the surface by some no longer mysterious fish and Kelley tossed his jig at a swirl. He's holding the rod he used. I wasn't there, but I'm going to guess that Steve Wisniewski is at least as talented a boat operator as Mr. Roy is a fisherman. 
    There were some other fish landed today. Several other salmon came in from the same areas as usual, although there was a pretty good bite south of Point Reyes the last few days. A few halibut came in as well, although I expect we'll see quite a few more tomorrow with the halibut derby here. Hog Island hasn't been hot but has been more consistent than other places for flatfish, but I wouldn't be surprised if the winner didn't come from deep water off of McClure's or the Keyholes. Lings and rocks filled out the bags for most of the fishermen still.

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Unknown said...

Kelly Roy has offered to host a clinic on "Targeting Northern California White Sea Bass". The course fee is $50 and includes required materials (rabbit's foot, mojo bag, shiny penny, and ouija board).