Tuesday, December 9, 2014

     At a quarter to 6:00 this morning a fiberglass boat ran into one of Hog Island Oyster Company's boats and sent two guys to the hospital (thankfully not to the bottom of the bay). Then the boat took off. If anyone saw a boat today with some recent front end damage I'm pretty sure that the Marin County Sheriff's Department would like to hear from you. Their number is (415)479-2311.
     Here's something fun. Can you name these critters? (Not Nick) They are tasty but usually too deep for most of us.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The rockfishing was great yesterday for the few boats that went outside. The best numbers were for the guys that went down to the reef off of Abbott's Lagoon and returned with about 50 pounds of lingcod between their two limits. They put some pots at the Keyholes for 14 Dungeness in a few hours, so there's still a few around down there. The outer bay provided near limits of Dungeness for one boat that found the right spot. Tomales Bay has slowed down but most of the boaters are catching at least a couple of keepers. The pier has been very slow with occasional flurries of decent action. On Thursday at the turn of the high tide I saw several Dungeness caught in nets, traps and snares on the pier.