Saturday, September 20, 2014


Two white sea bass were brought in today, a 27 pounder by Gerald Bunch and a 31 pounder by Mike Stahl. Gerald caught his on a jig off of McClure's, along with a halibut.  Mike's bit a drifted herring at Elephant Rock. I am jealous of both of them. The halibut in the picture was caught from a kayak in the bay.
Salmon were caught from Bird Rock down to Point Reyes, with most of them coming from Ten Mile Beach. The beach also had a few halibut. I didn't hear of any particular spot that was better than any other. It was slow enough that the rockcod took a beating today. The Due Regard went on an albacore scouting run and found green water and lots of birds but no tuna outside of Cordell to at least the 123°40' line.

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