Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor day weekend was a bit windy but there were still a few fish caught. Saturday had some pretty good salmon numbers and a 36 pound white sea bass. Sunday was pretty well blown out. Monday saw a few salmon caught but not too many. The water cooled off by 8 degrees to 56. It should be good for salmon but they might need a chance to acclimate before they get real bitey. Today six boats tried for salmon but only three fish were brought in.  The one boat that limited caught his in 50 feet of water, shallower than the fish have been but probably an appropriate depth for the new water temperature. Divers on the bar today had clear 54 degree water for excellent views of nothing but sand. Fishermen caught a few halibut back by Hog Island over the long weekend but the mouth of the bay was pretty quiet. The halibut may finally move into shallower water with the cooler temps but with all the squid out deeper I wouldn't bet on it. 

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