Saturday, June 28, 2008

A couple halibut this week from way back in the bay and one from Pelican Point. The Pelican Point fish was in the teens. The water is still cold out front, around 50 degrees. Rockfishing is pretty good when the wind is off. At least the fog moved in yesterday and got rid of the smoke.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I spoke to some divers yesterday. They took a look on the bar to see if the halibut were in. The report is good visibility, water on the cold side but better than it's been, no halibut but more needlefish (pacific sandlance) than these divers have seen on the bar in close to a decade. So, they're not there now but it looks good when the water warms a little more.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finally some nice weather on a weekend. Almost everyone that went out for rockfish caught limits with the better fishing being further from the mouth of the bay. The bite was a bit slow but steady once fish were located. A few boats tried for halibut in the bay but I didn't hear of any legal ones landed. The surfperch, while not biting for everyone, provided those fishermen in the right places with a tasty dinner. The bite seems to be better nearer the rocks.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Very quickly, three firsts: First halibut landed on a bucktail jig this year, first halibut landed at Hog Island that I know of (both the same fish), and first white seabass landed (32", also at Hog). It is possible and probably likely that there are more of these fish. Let's find out.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The wind died down for a few days letting the people get out of the bay and catch some rockfish. The fishing was a bit scratchy but most of the guys that put in the time caught their limits. A few boats even limited on lings. Halibut fishing in the bay has been very slow and even the sharks aren't biting well. The water is starting to warm up though, so those fish should start getting hungry soon. The fish that are hungry now are the surfperch. Quite a few are being caught off the beach, mostly on ghost shrimp. I've heard that the sand crabs are molting now so those might be a good choice for bait if you can catch some soft-shelled ones.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The tides were low enough this past week for a geoduck to be taken from the mainland instead of the island. Carl and Paulina Downing are pictured here showing us what they look like. The clamming for horseneck (gaper) clams was even better, especially for those with boats who went to the islands. Rockpicking abalone was also a good choice this last week. Even I got a limit. The fishing was not nearly as good. I didn't hear about any halibut or rockfish but I did see one boat with two limits of leopard sharks. If the wind would ever quit for a week or two things will change but until then we'll just have to sharpen our hooks and wait.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

More halibut from the way-back bay today. Two boats had two legal fish apiece. One boat trolled, the other drifted live smelt. Correction from the earlier report: the gentlemen yesterday didn't have rusty net skills but in fact forgot the net entirely. Today the net was in the boat and no fish was returned to the water that was not meant to go back. Two boats went outside and got tossed around a bit before returning with around 15 rockfish per boat. The wind made fishing difficult and uncomfortable today and the forecast is for more of it.
Several boats went for halibut Saturday but only a few caught. High boat hooked 8 and put three in the box, the rest being returned due to size or rusty net skills. Windy today for the rockfish opener but at least one boat went out to try it. This week has the lowest tides of the year and strong winds forecasted. It is also a week for grunion to run. Yes, grunion started showing up here a few years ago and according to the schedule posted by Fish and Game they should be coming ashore Tuesday through Thursday nights, sometime between 9:00 and midnight (usually toward midnight). In the past they have shown up here a day or two earlier than forecast so they could even be out tonight. For more information check out .