Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another day, another 31 pound halibut. Jim Russell of Watsonville speared this one. You could almost show a movie on the white side.The bar treated the divers well again today and even a few first-timers got to bloody their spears. Fishing for the halibut was tougher but a few were taken. Also tough was the salmon bite for most guys, although yet again a few boats returned early with limits. The successful guys were moochers just below Bird. There was also a good bite down in the land of jelly (Elephant/Keyholes) where guys snatched fish out of a scene from the rumored Ghostbusters 3 movie (I've been slimed!). The wind is picking up for a day or so, and that's probably a good thing if it cools the water off a bit. If the water gets much warmer you'll have to chum for salmon with ice. Maybe if you use frozen bait they'll bite?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's a short set of photos today due to the small amount of fish brought in. These guys caught some salmon off of the Trees but were the exceptions. There was supposedly a bite down by Elephant but the guys I talked to that tried in there said the jellies were thick. The water temp has been running up to 65° which seems a little high for salmon. Actually, it seems a little high for albacore. Dorado, anyone?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Brad Siefker caught this 20 pound salmon today while fishing with Don Whaley on the Wooden Duck. Don says, "Wish you were here, John." A couple of boats limited out on salmon today and one guy was a salmon short of a Grand Slam (halibut, salmon, lings and rockfish limits) but the majority of fishermen will be eating beans tonight. There are salmon in good numbers out in 370 feet of water off of Bodega Head, not as big as some of the ones coming from the shallows, but quantity has a quality all its own. Divers got some halibut from the bar again. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The newest fish to beat here this year is Enzo Buckenmeyer's 38 pound salmon. Visible at bottom left is part of his 32 pound salmon. Check out that steely glint in his eye. Fish fear this kid.

The Honebeins caught this 22 pound salmon trolling 30 feet down in 60 feet of water a little south of Bird Rock.

Even though Rob Ohnmacht is holding this fish, he just netted it. The gentleman on the left reeled it in. Rob did a nice job netting it, though. It was mooched up off of McClure's.

The halibut came from the bar, which dribbled out a few other fish for the anglers and divers today. The salmon came from off of the Trees. There was no big bite today, at least not for the inshore guys, but there were enough fish caught so at least you could watch someone else bring one in if you weren't catching. If anyone out there likes eating the Red Irish Lord sculpins, you should definitely come fish here. You can't keep them off your mooched bait when you drift inside of 50 feet. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mike Gibson caught this 33 pound salmon off of the Trees in 60 feet of water trolling 30 pulls down with a 1 pound weight on a Brad's Cut Plug. 

Steve Freeman and Lou Zanardi caught 24 and 30 pound salmon while trolling at Elephant. The trollers and moochers had about equal success today. About half of the boats returned salmonless and a good part of the rest had one. There were still a few guys with limits. Pete Sequeira returned at noon with mooched limits from the Trees for he and his pal. Only a few halibut were speared on the bar today but the fishermen did pretty well. I heard of one boat catching 5 and talked to a guy with 3 and another with 2. The stripers turned to sardines today with a school of large sardines showing up on the bar for a while. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

The salmon fishing was okay for some, bad for others, and excellent for at least one guy (go Rob!). Most of the fish landed here came from Bird to the Keyholes in 60 feet of water or less, but on the radio there were more consistent numbers from points north. Trolling caught some but mooching seemed to work better for most. When some people gave up on the salmon they tried for halibut and came up with a few of those on the bar and at McClure's Beach. Divers did pretty well on the bar with better visibility giving the halibut nowhere to hide (except in the sand, which actually works pretty well for a flat, brown fish). The school of stripers were on the bar, too, but I wouldn't count on a second lightning strike. 

They say it's important to keep learning. These two gentlemen taught me two things today: One, that stripers like live shiners, and two, that there's a school of stripers cruising around the bay. Good things to know.