Tuesday, May 24, 2016

     The fish report for today was nada. One boat said that they didn't think the fish were there because they were watching their jigs work the bottom in 15 feet of cold, clear water and they looked so good that something should have bit them. The halibut were probably too busy shivering to notice the jigs. The Dungeness don't mind the cold at least, so the crabbing was OK. The New Sea Angler looked to be trolling in front of Bird in about 200' of water today. Hopefully his report will include salmon.
     Kevin Soper sent in this picture of his fishing buddy waiting for a striper to bite. I hope there's no hard feelings between you guys when you reel in all the fish, Kevin.

Monday, May 23, 2016

     This photo was submitted with the sentence, "rumor is these all came from Dillon Beach this weekend." I had heard that there were some nice redtails getting caught, but wow. I hope the rumor is true. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

     Gage went surfperch fishing and had a lot of bites but only caught one little perch. He said he had one other bite but he was pretty sure that it wasn't a striper, since there aren't any here. If it had been a striper, it would have bit on a piece of Berkeley Gulp! Power Sandworm on a no. 4 hook. But it wasn't one. So never mind.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

     Halibut update: The water cooled off (51º) and so did the bite. The fish may still be interested around the bottom of the tide when the warmer, back-bay water is around Hog, but the fishing near the mouth of the bay is over until the water warms back up. I mean, the catching is over. The fishing was lovely today.

Monday, May 16, 2016

     We've got our first fish on the bragging board, and it is, apparently, kissable. Sean Bottomley caught this 33 pound halibut by Hog Island today, possibly on a jig. I was asked yesterday if the big females were showing up and I said no, they wouldn't be here for a while. This fish was just to prove me wrong. You're welcome, Sean.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

     Finally some halibut. Cameron Roth picked up this nice 14 pound halibut back by Hog Island on a white scampi jig. I heard of at least seven others landed from the same area today. The wind has laid off for a while and the water warmed up and got the fish interested in biting. Of course, now the wind is supposed to be back in the next few days. I guess a window has to open before it can be slammed shut on you.
     The rockfishing has been good for everyone but Steve Werlin. Crabbing has been slow for most people but there's still a few guys loading up, sometimes right in the middle of everyone else. No more salmon landed, but the school off of Duxbury is supposedly moving this way, so maybe in a week or two we'll get some red meat.

Monday, May 9, 2016

     No salmon landed here this week, but the water is starting to get a little brown tint to it and the temp is up to 53º to 56º, so with the good weather this week we may see some more. There were quite a few rockfish caught, and one of the rockfishermen spotted a squid boat possibly working near Elephant Rock. It looks like there may be some squid around, still. No stripers but quite a few surfperch were caught. The crabbing was the usual, slow for many, good for a few. The clamming was great over the weekend with some of the lowest tides of the year. Along with the low tides came the wardens and they had a busy weekend again. They were checking by land and by sea (that would have really confused Paul Revere) and they wrote many tickets. They were very courteous about it, though, and even allowed a couple of people that had licenses but didn't bring them to purchase a duplicate license and avoid the ticket. Remember, the license doesn't have to be displayed anymore but it needs to be on your person while fishing, clamming or crabbing. Not having it with you is just a cheaper ticket, unless the wardens are in a good mood.
     Don't count on the mood thing.