Monday, July 25, 2016

     Nancy Conley from Citrus Heights caught this 14 pound halibut near Hog Island today.

     Spokesmodel Brandon is showing off Gerard Fitzgerald's fish from South of Hog Island. The striper weighed 14 pounds.

      Greg Gartrell declined to be photographed as well, but he did send over evidence of his success. The water was bumpy but apparently very fishable.

     Here's a map of the buoy locations, as requested in the comments. Clicking on it should make it large enough to actually read it. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

     No pics for the weekend but there were a few fish brought in. There were some salmon for those that didn't mind getting beat up. A few guys limited out and a few guys got nothing; the average was a fish or two per boat. The fishing area ranged from Tomales Point down to halfway down Ten Mile, out in 150 to 230 feet of water, with most of the action coming from 180 to 210 feet. Depth depended on where the bait was in the water column. The weather is supposed to finally lay down this week, so maybe some smaller boats can find a find a few in different spots.
     Halibut action was not as hot as it had been but there were still flatfish being taken. Halibut were caught from Tom's Point in the North of the bay to Marshall in the South with sizes running a bit smaller on the South side. I didn't hear of any stripers being caught in the surf (one in the bay) but now is the time to go. Gage will be back fishing in a few more days so your chance to catch his fish is now. Don't feel bad, he'd do it for you.

Friday, July 22, 2016

     Here's a one picture description of the fishing. Halibut in the bay and salmon outside, about 3 miles Southwest of Tomales Point. In both cases, look for the boats if you're not sure where to go. They may not know either, but at least you'll have company. There were quite a few more salmon brought in today than halibut, so they seem like the better chance for success if the weather will let you out there.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gage caught a big one this evening, about 120 pounds. You can't tell from the photo, but he isn't smiling for this picture. Gage 4, stripers 1.

     The weather forecast was bad and the North breeze was already blowing at sunrise, but those that ignored the weatherman went out and caught salmon today, and did it fairly comfortably. The bite was from Bird Rock to Elephant Rock in 180 to 220 feet of water, and from 40 to 70 feet down, according to what I heard here. Everything I heard of was trolling as well, but Mike Torres and crew, pictured, are pretty dedicated moochers and they almost limited. I don't know if they mooched or not, but it would be cooler if they did. The forecast for the weekend is for more wind, but who knows? The weatherman sure missed it today and I stayed in the bay playing with halibut and leopard sharks because of it. Yes, I'm whining.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

     The water was sloppy today but these guys stuck it out a caught their limits at 12 and 2. They said that the watermelon Apex was a hit with the salmon at 70' OTW. Nice job gentlemen.

       Yes, the rumor is true; Tom Carter caught his wife's fish. Jerrie's fish weighed 26 pounds and came from the North side of Hog. The halibut have been coming from both sides of the island and some of the bite is edging toward the mouth, but as of yet, no fish that I've heard of from the bar. The water there is still very cold. If we get four or five days without the wind I think the fish will be there.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

     Only a few boats went out in the ocean in the last couple of days. Yesterday there were a couple of salmon caught, or should I say earned, by Greg Gartrell. It was not nice out there. Today's fishermen reported less fish but slightly less bad weather. It didn't get real sporty until later in the day, at least.
     James Woods sent in this report:"This dude is named Salty and on Saturday he caught 3 fish like this on 3 separate drifts at the weather buoy." Not everybody did as well as Salty, here, but there's been a few halibut coming in from back that way. The bait has become a bit harder to get as quite a bit has moved back out of the bay into the ocean. I hope the salmon find that bait in the outer bay soon.