Wednesday, September 2, 2015

See, there are still stripers on the beach. This one weighed 17 pounds, had one eye, and it ate a popper. There were some others caught yesterday and today, but as the full moon wanes, so does the surf fishing. The wind is blowing further out to sea, so the water is unpleasant in the morning and rough in the afternoon when the wind comes ashore. A few boats have gone out but only one returned with salmon today. The weather is supposed to get better by this weekend, and it better, or we'll be shoulder to shoulder on the beach trying to catch the day's one striper.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Rough water today but a few halibut were caught by Hog Island. I forgot to mention earlier, but the stripers have been in the surf. I heard of one caught close to 30 pounds but most are running 20 to 30 inches.  It would appear that the full moon is the time to fish for them.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Here's the winners of the 4th Merle Lawson Memorial Salmon/Sea Bass Derby. In the middle is Kapulani Chong, who fished with Chris Hayes, the winner with a 23 pound salmon. Second place went to Cameron Vogler, who fished with Paul Boley, at 20.5 pounds. Third place went to Nathan Duby, who fished with me, with an 18 pound salmon. Merle always did well at derby time and it must have been genetic, as Nathan and Cameron are his grandson and great-grandson. All three fish were caught off of Abbott's Lagoon, trolling the bottom. Here's pictures of the fish and fishermen: 

R. L. Hartmann of Granite Bay caught this 29 pound lingcod at Point Reyes yesterday. While not a contender for this year's derby, next year's salmon derby may be a lingcod derby if the salmon season gets cut like people are expecting. The halibut catching was slow in the bay but a few were taken outside. The word might be out about white sea bass because there were about 50 boats drifting in front of McClure's yesterday morning. Maybe they were mooching for salmon? They weren't catching any salmon... 

Friday, August 28, 2015

This morning Nathan Porter caught that sea bass he's been looking for. 35.5 pounds, it bit a drifted dead squid at McClure's at first light. Find the squid, find the sea bass.

Yesterday's dawn patrol couldn't find the squid, but the anchovies worked out okay. Nathan Duby caught a 27 pound WSB on a dead frozen anchovy at the Keyholes and I caught a 24 pound halibut on a live (but dropped hard on the deck) mackerel in 90 feet of water. We were back by 8:00 AM. Then we went back out in the afternoon for four hours of trolling for nada. Guess we used up our luck.

John Brezina mooched up this 26 pound salmon at the Keyholes yesterday. There were a few other salmon caught there early in the day but the bite died early. There's been some sporadic salmon and halibut action at the squid spawning grounds but it has not been dependable. The halibut fishing in the bay has been slow, probably because the fish are so well-fed on the schools of anchovies circulating around the bay. Actually, most of the non-rockfish fishing is slow everywhere, but if you are lucky you might catch. The salmon/sea bass derby tomorrow should be interesting. A fish could win it all.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Not too many fishermen today but there were still several salmon taken and a few nice halibut. Bob King landed a 26 pound California halibut on a live squid at the Keyholes. Some other fish were taken there on the same bait, including salmon and white sea bass. The bite is not good, but there's a chance for fish. Dillon Beach also had some halibut for at least one troller today. Another fisherman had two salmon just south of the Trees in 80 feet of water.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

There were a few salmon landed today between the Trees and Elephant in 60 to 80 feet of water. Mooching seemed like the better bet for a salmon dinner. The halibut didn't show on the bar for the divers today but some of the fishermen did pretty well close by. There was at least one striper caught from shore today on a piece of mackerel for bait.