Friday, July 31, 2015

These dapper gentlemen caught these two nice salmon today. Mike Mayry and Joe Downing hooked them off of the Trees, as I recall. 

Enzo Buckenmeyer is working on becoming as good a fisherman as his father and he seems to be doing a pretty good job. After carrying in these fish he even smelled like a fisherman.

Tanner Johnson caught this 21.5 pound halibut off of Bird Rock on a hootchy. Normally that would be a salmon report, but the halibut have been caught in some odd places and ways this year. I know of a couple of halibut that were caught in 90 feet of water recently, one on the troll yesterday. I guess the warm water lets them venture out a bit further. There was a better salmon bite today with a fresh influx of fish from offshore(?) coming in. Some of them had empty bellies but still had krill juice oozing out of their vents. They're still coming in to eat those calamari. Hog Island slowed a bit for the halibut guys but there were still fish taken. There was a radio report of a yellowtail being caught off of Tomales Point on a live squid. There were four yellowtail caught out of Shelter Cove yesterday(as well as six albacore), so this fish may have actually happened. If you know any more about it I'd love to hear the story.

There were some salmon taken yesterday but they required some effort. Fish were taken off of Bodega Head,  the Trees, McClure's, Elephant, and the Keyholes again, most of them feeding on the squid. The squid boats were working the piles of squid off of the Keyholes but there were still plenty of squid available for jigging up some live bait. Mooching and trolling worked or didn't, depending on the boat. We landed five salmon and lost five more off of McClure's Beach in 80 feet of water. Their bellies were completely stuffed with squid and they weren't biting aggressively at all. All of our action was on anchovies in blue/green Anchovy Special heads with long 10' to 20' leaders, no flashers and scraping bottom. We lost much gear. On halibut, a few boats had very good luck by Hog Island with catches up to six fish on jacksmelt. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

John Cooper of Roseville landed the largest halibut in this group, a 22 pounder. These fish came from Hog Island, as well as a few others. Outside the south wind drove most of the fishermen off the water early with only a few salmon landed. The guys that stuck it out didn't do much better with the extra time. There was a rumored afternoon salmon bite at Bodega Head but I saw no fish from it. One salmon fisherman ended up catching squid and using them alive to catch a few halibut on the bar. The squid boats are here, so if you go squidding don't get so wrapped up in it that you end up wrapped up in a net. It happened to a commercial troller last year. I think that there's probably better ways to meet new people.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

These guys are smiling because they were back by 11:00 with their salmon limits to 27 pounds. Other boats nearby did not do as well. Their secret? Aside from "good clean living," they were trolling anchovies in chartreuse and chrome Anchovy Specials. How come when I do that I can't catch? Must be that good clean living. There were lots of boats working the Trees to Keyholes corridor and a few of them did OK. Mooching seemed like it had a little better return than trolling and involved a little less dodging of other boats. There was a bit of action up by Bodega Head later in the day. The halibut bite was slow but not dead. A couple of boats watched a seal get eaten by a large shark off of McClure's Beach, close enough at one point that one boat got blood on it. Good news, divers; at least one shark is full. The large shark was later identified as a mako.

The Coopersmiths came up the bay from Inverness to get their main engine worked on and figured that they might as well troll since they weren't going very fast anyhow. It worked. This twelve pound halibut bit a herring under a hootchy by Hog Island.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Here's some photos I missed over the weekend. I had to steal them from Facebook. The halibut all came from Hog Island except for the largest one which was caught across the bay from the launch and weighed 21 pounds. I have no information at all about the salmon.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The weather started out way better than predicted today. The weatherman was eventually right, though, as the wind whipped up in the afternoon. The salmon bite was slower, and you could tell by how dense the boats were packed in a couple of spots, the middle of McClure's and the Trees. Probably there's more fish out there than that. Probably. Halibut was slow. Even the rockfishing was slow. Maybe they don't like the wind, either.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Kapulani/Hayes crew landed salmon weighing 27 and 24 pounds. They were trolling, but the only location I heard from them was that they were near these guys:

Travis, Jake and Stacy landed four salmon to 21 pounds and a 25 pound white sea bass. Right as they passed Kapulani they hooked the WSB. Jake's so good, he catches other people's fish. My guess as to their location would be somewhere between Elephant and the Trees, but that's where about a hundred boats were today. Many of those boats did not get bit. Hog Island had a few halibut again today but the bar was pretty empty, even for the divers. The weather was, lets say, less than optimal, but tomorrow looks worse. By midweek things look promising, though.