Thursday, September 19, 2019

     Eddie Kim took an extra set of Thumbs with him yesterday: "2 limits, 3 lost at boat, 2 shorties. South of Abbott's in 50 ft" The forecast has some windy afternoons for the next few days but the mornings should be good for a run if you don't linger.  If you don't want to leave the bay, that's okay too, as the halibut have been biting pretty well. Of course, most of the boats are fishing around the yellow buoy and catching some fish there, but there have been fish caught from the bar back to Marshall. Remember, the fish have tails and they use them. They could be anywhere and they probably are.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

    Here's a salmon report:"Here's a picture from Sunday. Picked  this one up in the afternoon along with 2 lings and a rockie... Also hit 5 halibut south of hog on Sat, they were all around 24", only kept one for dinner." This fish may have been the scout as more moved in there yesterday. A fair number of boats caught salmon there today. It is far from wide open but there haven't been many fish around so a few is pretty good.

    Eddie Kim and his pal caught their limits of halibut in three hours yesterday. I think the fish may be in. Mr Kim likes to fish near the yellow buoy (where everybody else fishes) so my guess is that he was in his lucky spot.

    Gage finally got his tuna fix. 25 albacore (all we had ice for) by 1:30 at or about 38º 30' by 124º 05', or about 54 nautical miles from Tomales Point. The water hit 68º. It was a long day but Gage will be ready to do it again once his sunburn fades.

Friday, September 13, 2019

    Here's a bay report from yesterday:"11 lbs halibut caught on a dead anchovie by hog today, thought you might want for the fish report. Any salmon caught out front today?     
From Zach the fish counter" Nice job, Zach. Yes, there were salmon caught out front yesterday, mostly from out in 300 feet of water or so. 

    Here's another Tomales Bay report:"Willy- One heck of a day somewhere near Hog Island. Feeling super stoked about the 37 incher on the boat when a pole in the rod holder about broke in half as a 38 incher ,over 25 pounds swallowed a live smelt. What a fight!
Noah Raggio"  Very nice. It looks like there's still a few fish around Hog, then. Or there were.  There's still a few schools of anchovies around Marker 10 but the schools are small and hard to target for bait. Looks like the jacksmelt work, though.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

       There's a few fish inside the bay, some of which are bad for your drag washers. These were caught yesterday on live bait (I think anchovies) but I didn't get a specific location. The threshers tend to like the warmer water, so I'd guess Marshall area. There were a few other halibut caught back there by another boat. Today saw a few more halibut from the bay and a salmon caught out by the Keyholes. Tomorrow we get a break from the wind for a day so there's a few boats that'll head out for salmon. I'm hoping they find some.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

    Thumbs sent me a picture and note this morning:"Beau Kirby with a solid 14# ...he is the twins cousin...first thing this morning on sp minnow striper was full of very large sand crabs...would you mind posting...from your side of day beach" I do not mind posting this at all, since I haven't anything else to post except for maybe griping about the weather. The wind blew the salmon and bait back offshore and replaced them with cold water. It's a great afternoon for the kitesurfers but here on the beach the tents and E-Z Ups blowing around are a little dangerous. It looks like a little break from the wind mid-week but probably not long enough to bring the bait back inshore. Oh well. Maybe we'll have an October like last year.