Thursday, September 20, 2018

    It was a bit bumpier than forecast today, but there's still a few salmon out there. This 17.5 pound buck was on the inside edge of several acres of feeding birds off of Abbott's Lagoon. The feeding birds and whales could be found from 20 feet of water out to 160, all pretty much in a line. We didn't see much bait on the meter and the jellies were basically untrollable deeper than 80 feet. My fishing partner's stomach wasn't happy with drifting, so mooching was out, but I'd bet that it would be effective if you didn't snag a whale or murre. I also heard of a big halibut today, although where and how it was caught was not told to me. At least the rockfish were still biting in the chilly water. They don't mind the jellies until you pull them into them on the way up.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

    David White sent in a report from Sunday:"Bennett White took his grandfather Phil fishing yesterday (Sunday) back by Hog Island and caught this 29" halibut on a live smelt.  We saw a couple more caught there before lunch. It was great weather in the am. " It's good to see a family fishing together and even better to see them catching fish. It's also good to see and hear about a few halibut being caught by Hog. Gage went twice on Sunday and didn't catch any, so I assumed that the ocean was dead. Looks like the man was just off his game.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

   After dealing with jellyfish yesterday, Tim Nelson and Mike Mack decided to head for the back bay. There they trolled up a keeper halibut and a 17 pound striper. Best part? No jellies. Gage also found a keeper halibut back there yesterday and is trying for another as I write this. The best chance for a salmon is probably mooching off of Ten Mile and chasing the birds to get the right spot. Bring binoculars. And a towel (for jellyfish, and also because of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).

Saturday, September 15, 2018

   Pretty windy this week, although we had a break on Friday with some nice weather. The water was cold and mostly clear, although there were a few patches of leftover red tide scattered around. Mostly, though, there were red jellyfish, and a lot of them. I got a chance to fish for a few hours and we picked up one 12 pound salmon and lost another in 120 feet of water off of Abbott's Lagoon. Both bites came within a minute of the lines being dropped back in after cleaning off the fiery snot all over them. If you fish it you must clean constantly. Wear eye protection. Seriously. It's horrible. You can escape most of the jellies by going real shallow but the only bites I heard of were deeper around the working birds. Good luck if you go. And seriously, eye protection.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

For this year's derby (or Windvitational), our friends over at Shrimpboat Industries made some appropriate trophies. They were awarded along with the cash prizes. There were only 22 fishermen this year due to a combination of my forgetting to mention the derby and the bad weather.

    The Nursements weighed in the first fish with a 12 pounder at 12:30, but just before the 4:00 PM cutoff Kevin Fogal slipped in with a 12.5 pound salmon to claim third place and $250.00.

   Paul Costa found a 17.5 pound salmon in the outer bay today to claim second place and $350.00. Also, a nicer ride home than the guys that ran south.

   Stacy Barton got first place with his 22 pound salmon he caught at McClure's Beach. His secret technique:"I finished heaving and when I looked up the line had released from the downrigger and the fish was on." I need to start chumming, I guess, because I came home empty.

   In a separate ceremony, Gage was awarded a special prize today. Thanks to the Outdoor Pro Shop for helping out with the derby.
   The Coast Guard was really working hard last night and today in a tremendous effort to find the fisherman that fell out of his boat on Friday night. While it didn't seem like they found him, it was clear that they were trying hard to do so. The C130 flew over us all day and you could see helicopters and boats out looking. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the fishermen hurt and lost in this horrible accident at sea.