Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Got a perch/crabbing report yesterday:

Hey Willy,
A quick fishing update from the Doran Park side. 

Hit a few barred and calico surf perch off the jetty campground this last Friday. They were hitting both the dark brown and camo Gulp sand worms. Fished late afternoon Saturday for about 10 min. The surf had things churned up pretty good and all that was coming in were strands of kelp and eel grass. 

Got a couple of keeper Dungeness and reds early in the morning Friday. Pot pirates are on the loose at Doran though. When I stick close my pots I catch crab. When I leave them I pull empty pots and empty bait bags.

That's all I have for now,

Appreciate the report, Vince. A couple more crab off the pier, whenever someone's been willing to brave the wind and rain for them. Gage is telling me that there are plenty of beautiful holes for perch but they are too far out for him to reach. Forecast suggests the storms will likely continue for the forseeable future. 

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The rockfishing has been on the slow side for the couple of boats that made it out into the ocean from here. The crabbing has been slow too, except for Eddie Kim's catch of 35 Dungeness by marker 5 yesterday. That was about 30 more than the next best total that I heard of from the same day. Today at least one boat had a dozen Dungeness back by Hog. The pier crabbers are catching a few with most everyone catching a couple of crabs (mostly reds, but still...). Only another couple of days for rockfish, then we're waiting for April Fool's Day.
   Gage also says the surfperch are still biting. He found a hole on the North end of the beach and it had quite a few perch in it, this being the only one big enough to be worth keeping. The man says the Berkley Power Bait Sandworms in the tub full of juice is the best thing going. Too bad we don't sell those here. Yet.

Monday, December 24, 2018

   Just watched a bunch of sea lions, pelicans and seagulls hammer on a school of herring as they moved into the bay past Sand Point. They were definitely too far out for a cast net to reach but a boat would have done the trick. Maybe I'll get my pickled herring this year. And maybe there's a few stripers following these herring into the bay. The pier has had a few Dungeness caught in the last few days with one crabber catching six yesterday morning with traps and snares. He was using squid, if that helps. He did better than some of the boats that tried inside the bay yesterday.

Friday, December 21, 2018

    Either the fish are getting bigger or Gage's hand is shrinking. Gage assures me that it's the fish that are enlarging. During a lull in the surf yesterday afternoon a few fish were biting in the one hole Gage could find left on the beach. The extensive onslaught of big and bigger surf has erased most of the structure in the shore break but some normal-sized swell should install some new nooks and crannies. Crabbing in the bay has has remained slow for Dungeness with only a few being caught this week. The reds have been pretty good but, lucky for the reds, that's not what most crabbers are after. The ocean has been off limits to Tomales Bay fishermen. Maybe tomorrow? Then back to the big stuff. There's nothing like 10 to 14 foot swells to keep us home for the holidays. That said, merry Christmas (or whatever winter solstice holiday you celebrate) to all. The days are getting longer again and the next rockfish/salmon/tuna season is coming. May you and yours have almost as good a season next year as Gage.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

   As promised, one picture of Gage's hand (with fish). Gage hit the surf this morning before the rain and waves got too bad and caught a few on the North end of the beach. The next couple of days probably won't be too good for any ocean activity except for watching it from a safe distance. After the big swell rolls through the perch and the Dungeness should return to the shallows. Hopefully the perch will be a little larger when they return.