Friday, February 12, 2016

    Here's a picture of something you can catch here. Well, at least Dan (pictured) can catch the perch. I'm told he's been pretty successful lately, and even with today's big seas he caught some. Be careful out there if you go (you too, Dan) as there's no fish worth your life.
    Speaking of things not worth your life, the big swell has shut down the mouth of the bay, at least for the next few days. This actually saves me some money, as now my wife wants to boat down past Point Reyes to go get some crab. That's about 20 miles one way, 100 miles home if the wind comes up (at least it feels like 100 miles of bad road). She did check with Fish and Wildlife and reported, "This afternoon I spoke with Captain Don Kelly of the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife in Monterey. He said, from an email from the Assistant Chief Steve Riske, that it indeed is legal to launch here, crab in the open area, then transport the (legally caught) crab and traps through the closed area back to the marina." It looks like the weather will be decent on Tuesday and I have a strong feeling that she might make me go on a tuna fishing-sized trip for crab. I don't even know where to drop gear down there, but I do know where not to. The MLPA maps are on the newer GPS units, thankfully. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dungeness opens South of Point Reyes.


Wait, what?

Not here?

What the f###?

So, I guess you can catch Dungeness South of Point Reyes now. No red crab, and you can't catch them for money, but still, good for the other guys. Here are some better informational links:

Our newest results are here:  They are indicative of more sadness. Bodega crab tested positive where they had been fine, and passed where they had been a problem. Fort Bragg had a 50% fail (or pass, I shouldn't be so pessimistic) so they're out of it too. We're still weeks away at best. I'm going to go drink a Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball and go to bed before I write something on here that I have to remove later.......

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The numbers are in. They aren't as bad as they could be and not as good as we'd all like. At this point, two crabs in Crescent City, one crab in Trinidad, seven crabs in Fort Bragg, and two crabs at Bodega Bay (Salt Point) are holding us back. Everything is pretty close to passing except for Fort Bragg. Those crabs are going to take a bit longer. My guess at the timing of the opener now is that it will be sometime during the clutch/molt period when the crab will be hard to catch and the ones you catch are hollow. That's probably 4 to 6 weeks away. Well, at least it will be an opportunity to try.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

     Crabs for testing were collected at a number of ports last week and the results of the tested crab are coming in. Eureka scored a double perfect with both tests where they need to be. Fort Bragg, well, they're working on it. These numbers just posted this morning, so we might see Bodega numbers by tomorrow. Of course, they all need to be perfect before we get the go ahead. In case you missed it in the comments, :"Crabs were delivered from District 10, January 27th at 2pm to the FDA. The FDA has a lot of other work to contend with besides crab. We are on the waiting list. Weather can be a factor in north coast water. From a commercial fisherman of 37 years
Please post this on your blog if you can." Yes, we're all anxious to go crabbing, but most of us aren't worried about losing our homes like a lot of the "commies" are. At least we can literally afford to be patient.
     There's not much fishing going on, but with this fresh water coming in the bay now it would be a good time to try for sharks and rays in the deeper holes (like behind Pelican Point, White Gulch, or the "ditch" that runs between Cyprus Grove and Sacramento Landing) or stripers/sturgeon in the shallow water past Inverness.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

     The new crab test results have been disappointing. The numbers seem to have plateaued, and in some cases, gotten worse. More tests were taken this week and hopefully the results (which we will see next week) will be better. Otherwise, the only way they're going to open crab season is to do what my wife did (she dropped her standards and settled for less). 
     Speaking of crab season, if we have one next year the rules will be different. Here's the approved language. Basically, cottons are now required on sport pots, your buoys need your GO ID number from your license, and no traps in the water starting a week before Dungeness crab opens up. These all seem like pretty good rules. I'm just wondering what my 14 year old is going to write on his buoys.
     The only fishing to report this week was some successful jacksmelt catching in the bay and Tim's two (2) sand dabs. He thinks that in a few more trips he may be able to have a dinner. There were a couple of attempts to catch herring in the bay but no success that I'm aware of.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

     Good grief. So this is what it's come to. Sand dabs. How the mighty have fallen. Finally a recent fish picture and this is it.

     Actually, I should go back and ask where he caught them. I think I'm jealous.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

    The latest crab results? Don't ask. Not better, and maybe a little worse. Easter crab?...
    Aside from some clamming there's not much to do here but watch the waves move the sand around. That has been pretty active. I used Google Tracks on my phone to lay a trail where I walked along the edge of the water on two days. Here's the trail from January 19:
     Here's the trail from three days later:
     That's a lot of sand moving around. It looks like it may be forming a lagoon on the east side of the sand point. Good news, there's still a channel across the bay, at least for now.
     So, while I've been watching sand move, some of the local ladies took a trip to Costa Rica and caught some fish. Here's some of the photos that were sent to me by people that I genuinely hope weren't trying to hurt my feelings. Because, you kinda did.