Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I just received this picture from Nick Bauer who is out fishing with Rob Sereni today. No message with it, but I think he means the fish are sill biting. 

Steve Werlin and friend caught their limits in a couple of hours yesterday. The first three fish came in the first 45 minutes, before they could get a second line in the water. They were trolling at the Trees next to a big flock of cormorants in 90 feet of water, 70 pulls down with a 2-pound ball. 

On Monday Rob Sereni got to watch many people catch all around him while he couldn't get a bite. Yesterday Rob and his brother got their turn to catch and limited on salmon to 31 pounds. They were trolling closer to the fleet on the upper end of Ten Mile. The bite was spotty north of Elephant (a few spots were real good for a few) but there was a more consistent bite between the Keyholes and Abbott's Lagoon in 60 to 90 feet of water. Most of the fish caught were by moochers but trolling was definitely working for a few guys. There was a limit of halibut caught by one fellow on the bar yesterday but the other boats only got bites from crabs. A few halibut were caught on Ten Mile, too. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

The salmon are still biting

This limit of salmon was mooched up off of Tomales Point out of a kayak today. That's a lot of reeling and paddling, but it doesn't seem to have bothered him.

Dale Fortner's boat lived up to its name today. (Got One)

Dave Pile took Jason Kasick out for some salmon catching today. Jason caught a 21 pounder and Dave did pretty well, too.

For those of you aware of John Rosasco's dark cloud this past week, be aware that the clouds have parted and John caught a limit. So did David Gonzales. They were trolling, although the moochers seemed to do better on average today.

Alec and Raz are moochers and did very well today. They were working the Trees and a little south.

Dennis Stocking caught this nice salmon by Bird Rock. He tried for halibut for a good part of the day but after noon passed without a bite he shifted his focus and saved the day. A couple of halibut were caught on the bar today but it has to get a lot better to be OK.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

There were a few halibut taken on the bar this weekend, both by fishermen and divers. Hog Island gave up a few as well. There were a few schools of anchovies moving into the bay this morning so there may be a salmon or two in the bay now. There was a bit of a salmon bite this morning in the usual spots but after that it was a grind without much payoff. The average number of fish taken per boat hovered around one today with a couple of limits and more than a few skunks. As the salmon bite slows a bit the rockfish catch is starting to increase. More mackerel are being caught, and while most are being thrown back I recommend using them for live (or dead) bait for lings and halibut. Lingcod in particular enjoy the speedy critters. You may need to slow them down before your target species can get a hold of them, though.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The salmon are still biting from Tomales Point down to the Keyholes in 50 to 90 feet of water. It's not a red hot bite most of the time, but every so often a few boats will get into them heavy for a few minutes and the fleet will descend upon the area. After the bite slows down the fleet breaks up and runs off to the next "hot spot". For the past few weeks the locations of those "hot spots" seem to be consistently at Tomales Point, Bird Rock, the Trees, northern McClure's Beach, Elephant Rock, and the Keyholes in 50 to 80 feet of water. There's bait all through there, mostly squid and shortbelly rockfish. The mooching and trolling are both working (or not working- depends on who you ask) so go with whichever one in which you have more confidence. I must have seen fifty salmon caught around me on Thursday while I mooched off of McClure's. All I did was fatten them up. Finally we switched to trolling and caught two. These are late season fish with soft mouths and a strong opinion about your bait. If it's not right, they'll let you know. Halibut are still getting caught by Hog Island and a few from McClure's in 50 to 70 feet of water. Neither place would rate as good. Another white shark was seen breaching off of Bird Rock today, apparently trying to get noticed for Shark Week.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So today Jerry Knedel took Steve Towne for a fishing trip and as payment Steve let Jerry catch this 35.5 pound salmon. Jerry let Steve catch a couple of consolation fish. I believe that these fish were mooched.

Jonathon Do of Brentwood caught this 26 pound salmon while trolling with Jake Showaker. Jake's boat limited on the troll, so mooching isn't the only way to go. 

This 17 pound salmon came from the Trees yesterday on a trolled chartreuse Rotary Salmon Killer. Most of the catching has been concentrated between Elephant and Abbott's Lagoon in 50 to 90 feet of water but there's still a few salmon lurking closer to home.

Matthew Johnson of Red Bluff caught this 30 pounder yesterday off McClure's Beach. There's still some squid in the area but they aren't concentrated enough to show up well on the sonar or be interesting for the squid boats. The fish are still eating them, though, and a white or purple haze hootchy probably isn't a bad thing to troll. On the mooching front, here's a submitted report:

We took the Tomales Outlaw out on Monday and got into the lunkers we have been waiting for. Two limits of salmon, all mooched south of the Trees to Elephant in 55-80 feet. 4 fish hooked, 4 fish boated. I don't have a scale but based on experience 2 of the fish are over 30# easy and the other two in the 20-25# class. First bait in the water at 6:20 and the last fish came at 11:30. When all was stowed and rigged for the ride home, I presented my girlfriend with a ring and asked her to marry me, with Bird Rock in the background. She said yes. Nothing to butter a woman up like a salame sandwich and 4 lunker salmon!! We beached in the bay and she helped clean the fish. As we turned the shoreline into a red tide blood and gut extravaganza, I knew I had made the right decision.

Today the moochers are definitely outcatching the trollers on average. I was also told that there wasn't room for another boat at Abbott's Lagoon. I hope they were catching there. There were a few halibut caught on the bar and back by Hog Island but it was a grind to get them.