Monday, January 29, 2018

   The Dungeness crab in the bay remains slow with high catches numbering up to eight. Red crab are making up the vast majority of the crab dinners. The surfperch slowed down with the big swell but should be picking up again this week with the moderate swell forecast. Lots of herring swimming in and out of the bay but I have yet to see someone hook into something interesting.
    We lost a friend and the Dungeness lost a foe this week when Randy Evans passed away suddenly. "Randy from Reno" was a pretty regular feature on our pier during Dungeness season and was someone I turned to for advice on catching crab in the bay. We will miss you, Randy. The crab won't.

Friday, January 19, 2018

       Slow Dungeness crabbing here and the big swell slowed the surfperch catching the last couple of days as well. The herring are still spawning by Marshall but I haven't heard of someone actually catching one yet. Luckily there's some entertaining (terrifying?) videos on Youtube. Here's a scary one:

Sunday, January 7, 2018

     Joe Gantley sent in these photos of his rockfish and Dungeness trip from December 28. Joe and crew had a nice haul for a half-day's work.

    The only thing going here now is the surfperch, but that's been pretty good most of the time. My surfperch expert has had daily results from 2 to 19 fish caught in a few hours. If anyone is wondering, that would be a Berkley Gulp! product in the mouth of the perch.